Unstuck: For the Believer Who Desires Freedom, Healing, and Something More

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Are you a Christian who has checked all the spiritual boxes – reading your Bible, praying, attending church, and somehow still aren’t experiencing the free-indeed life you’ve heard about? Perhaps you feel like something is holding you back – anxiety, depression, grief, fear, extreme bitterness, lust, and more – and you can not seem to get free. Whether you find yourself bleeding all over the place from grief and trauma that just won’t heal or bound by invisible chains that won’t fall, this book is for you. Unstuck is for the follower of Jesus who has found yourself entangled with heart wounds that are suffocating, stuck in cycles that won’t break, and wrestling with demons that won’t flee.


Since the beginning of time, there has been a story far greater than any other in human history – the story of the Cross. However, it took two decades of ministry and four decades of Christianity for Jennifer Maggio to unlock the keys of freedom that that Cross paid for. After hundreds of thousands of women had already been served through her ministry, the Holy Spirit revealed to her in prayer, “What got you through the first season won’t get you through the next.” What followed was a journey of uncovering every area where Christians find themselves perpetually stuck and the keys to the Kingdom that unlock it all.


To every captive, God’s intention is your freedom.

To every bound one, He wants to loose you.

To all the fear-consumed, worry-ridden, desperate Believer, the walls are about to fall.

To every broken-hearted soul, He wants to heal you.


Unstuck explains how!

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