About Us

There are approximately 23 million single-parent families in the United States, and many face challenging circumstances. The Life of a Single Mom is a global, award-winning, 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to seeing no single mom walk alone. Our programming focus is two-fold. First, we provide solutions for single moms to succeed in finances, parenting, and health & wellness, while also connecting them to a support group in their area for encouragement, networking, and empowerment. Secondly, we work with our extensive single parent support group network to train facilitators, coach volunteers, and educate community leaders and pastors on the needs of single parents.  

We encourage communities and churches to think beyond one-time events, outreaches, and short-term parenting classes. We offer innovative single parent ministry training for both new & existing single parent programs. We provide a template on how to facilitate and grow single mom support groups in churches & communities. We are a hub for all things single parent and single-parent ministry related. We have resources, programs, products, events, consultations, encouragement, and more — all with the single mom in mind!

The Life of a Single Mom believes:

  • It is possible to make a difference in the lives of single parent families.
  • Single parents arrive at single parenthood through a variety of circumstances, and God has a plan for them all.
  • Minimizing a family’s need for government assistance through education & opportunities will empower families.
  • The faith-based community has the ability to radically change the lives of single parents and should be actively involved in that pursuit.

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries: 

  • Has helped more than 750,000 single mothers across the nation over the past decade.
  • Served more than 1,600+ churches and communities in 19 countries to better equip single parents to live successful lives
  • Considered nation’s leading authority on developing long-term, sustainable, solutions for the single parent family
  • 2016 Influential Women in Business Award
  • 2015 Legislative Women Caucus Hero of Excellence Award
  • 2014 Blue Cross Blue Shield Angel Award 
  • 2012 Business Report Magazine’s Rising Star Award

*** No refunds will be issued for online purchases in The Life of a Single Mom's online store. In the unlikely event you receive defective merchandise, we will gladly replace it. 

*** No refunds will be issued for online purchases. In the unlikely event you receive defective merchandise, we will gladly replace it. ***